OWNER  Ron "Speedy" Hays 1987-1995

Speedy Hays, Gary, and Ray Callahan in 1987

Gary in victory lane with Speedy in 1993


Gary in action in 1988


Gary at the Octoberfest in 1988

Ms. Hagerstown Speedway - Diane Flory, Gary,
Doris Roberts, Dave Lawyer & kids.

Gary jumped into Dave Lawyer's #2 in 1989 when a problem developed in the #44 and drove it to a win in the Johnny Roberts memorial.

Gary stands in victory lane with Ken Schrader



Gary takes time out for a photo


Gary is joined in victory lane by Kyle and Kristin


Gary with Ray Callahan in the pits


Gary and Speedy chat with Bud Watson (just out of view)